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MIT Sloan Boston Alumni Association Board of DirectorsBloomberg anchor Carol Massar interviews Sloan Prof Peter Diamond Our world-class conferences provide great networking opportunities! Discounts for Sloan alumsProfs. Brynjolfsson, Leonard, Pentland, Malone ponder the future in the box at 2014 MITCIOCFO Summit Co-Chairs Jack McCullough, MBA '97 and Jeremy Seidman, MBA '03 with Carol Massar, Anchor, Bloomberg Television & RadioNetworking at the MIT Sloan CFO SummitProf Erik Brynjolfsson @ MITCIO: "Big Data is a management revolution"Andy McAfee closes the 2014 CIO with thoughts on the Second Machine Age2014 CIO Award Winner Arroyo with Finalists Rhoads, Haban, Karaboutis, NeffMIT Sloan CFO Summit: The Business of Basketball panel including speakers from NECN, the NBA and the Celtics. Go team!Student volunteers at the MIT Sloan CFO SummitThe audience takes note at the MIT Sloan CFO Summit

Upcoming Events...
Tuesday, 9/8/15 at 5:30pm - 10:00pm ...9 days away!
Red Sox Hat Giveaway Night at Fenway!
Thursday, 9/17/15 at 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Doing regular career planning is what allows the most successful people to recognize and capitalize on opportunity and to fight the organizational forces that encourage career stagnation.
Tuesday, 9/22/15 at 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Barbara Haley Wixom joined MIT Sloan’s Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) in June 2013 to serve as a Principal Research Scientist. Her research explores how organizations deliver business value through data.
Thursday, 10/15/15 at 6:30pm - 8:00pm
The MIT Sloan Boston Alumni Association is once again working with Community Consulting Teams (CCT) to support the success of local non-profits and provide MIT Sloan alumni with consulting experience and impact.
Thursday, 11/19/15 at 7:30am - 6:00pm
Deep expertise or forward-thinking innovation? The answer, of course, is both. Today’s Chief Financial Officer requires financial expertise learned in the classroom, along with business innovation skills evolved on the fly.
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Recent Events
Tuesday, 08/11/15 6:00pm
This event is designed to give business school graduates and their friends work colleagues, "significant others", etc.) an opportunity to socialize and network in a relaxed, yet elegant setting.
Wednesday, 07/15/15 6:00pm
Happy Hour at 6:00pm. Tour of the Brewery at 7:30pm. $5 fee. Food and drink provided.
Thursday, 05/21/15 6:30pm
While a job loss can be discomforting, it can also be the opportunity to reset and renew. Learn how to re-establish momentum and rebound back into the job market.

Robots, automation coming up fast

Boston Herald May 25, 2015 Robots on the manufacturing floor and self-driving cars are coming, bringing an incredible opportunity for wealth and productivity. But, experts say, society and employers need to make sure new technology benefits as many people as possible.

Speaking after a panel on automation at the MIT CIO Symposium last week, Brynjolfsson said it is important for society and the workforce to keep pace with technology.Read Full Article »

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