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Women & Wine Wednesdays: Collaborative Networking
Tuesday, 04/4/23 at 6:00pm - 9:00pm
April is Financial Literacy Month. Join us for this lively discussion about the importance of financial literacy with Audrey Daum, SM 1988, MITSBAA Board Member & SVP at Moors & Cabot.

"Finding a Job in a Recession" (Career Series #101)
Thursday, 04/13/23 at 6:30pm - 8:00pm
What is different? What should you do differently? Chances that an offer could be revoked? Join Keystone Partners' Career Management experts Mary Cavanaugh, Kim Littlefield and Penny Locey from Keystone Partners.

"How to Read People: A New Framework" (Career Series #102)
Thursday, 05/4/23 at 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Join Dr. Larry Stybel, co-founder of Stybel Peabody Associates, Inc., to discuss how you can “read” others so that you can tailor your messages to increase acceptance.

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Recent Events...

2023 #MITCIO Virtual Event #3: Inside MIT -- David Verrill & IDE
03/7/23, 12:00pm
This will be the third of a monthly series of virtual events leading up to the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium on May 15 & 16, 2023.
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Women & Wine Wednesdays: Collaborative Networking
03/1/23, 6:00pm
Oli Qirko, President, Cambridge Consultants, will lead an impactful conversation on the topic of women’s health, progress being made today, and the innovations of tomorrow that will enable better care for these special people in our lives.
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Sloanies Helping Sloanies: "Enabling Career Connections 2023"
02/28/23, 7:00pm
Come meet other MIT Sloan alumni in your industry, and find your future talent amongst current Sloanies!
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MBA AdMIT Reception: Identity & Inclusion Networking
02/16/23, 6:00pm
Join us to welcome Round 1 MBA AdMITs to MIT Sloan!
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Monthly Cross B-School Networking Social
02/15/23, 6:00pm
Bring a friend, work colleagues, "significant other", etc. to network with fellow MBAers.
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(Re)discovering Pilates" (Resilience Series)
02/8/23, 6:30pm
Have you ever wanted to try Pilates? Now's the time. Have you tried Pilates, but aren't sure it's for you? Join us for an introduction or refresher via Zoom.
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2023 MITCIO Virtual Event #2: Inside MIT -- Stephanie Woerner and CISR
02/7/23, 10:00am
This will be the second of a monthly series of virtual events leading up to the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium on May 15 & 16, 2023.
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5 Strategies that Will Guarantee You a Better Job in 2023
02/2/23, 6:00pm
Want to accelerate your career in 2023? Join us for an event with Alan Stein, CEO of Kadima Careers, where he seeks to accelerate the careers of 1 million underestimated individuals by 2040.
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Women & Wine Wednesdays
02/1/23, 6:00pm
Sherri Fiore and Jeffery Lauria of iCorps Technologies join us to chat about the opportunities for women in today's evolving and often complex world of cybersecurity.
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"Getting Back to It...Exercise" (Resilience Series)
01/11/23, 6:30pm
Join us for this virtual event. Wondering what it would be like to move from that 1 mile walk to a running routine? Wondering what exercise options are safe for your knees/feet/back/body?
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