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Boston Harbor Islands Stewardship Saturday 2014

Wrap up of one of the best Stewardship Days to date! By Sean Morgan. THANK YOU to the volunteers and sponsors


The weather was fantastic, the work was hard, though gratifying, and everyone really enjoyed the day.
This year our group continued a project we started in 2012 to help extend Least Tern nesting habitat on Lovells Island.  The photographs show the progress in one particular area where the goal was to remove non-native plants and invasive Ailanthus Trees that serve as handy perches for birds that prey on the nesting terns.  We have definitely made the island a more hospitable nesting site.
So congratulations and a big thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard this year and who make this event such a pleasure!  Thank you also to all the past volunteers.  This year we clearly saw how work we had done previously provided a platform for the progress we made on Saturday.
I also want to thank all our sponsors: In particular the National Park Service and Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation whose staff and volunteers guided and supported our efforts; Rowes Wharf Water Transport whose captain, crew, and boat got us safely and comfortably to and from the island; Rita's Catering and Peets Coffee & Tea of Lexington -- their sandwiches, pastries, and coffee kept us fueled up; Villeo Capital LLC for their financial support; But most of all the MIT Sloan Boston Alumni Association, without whose financial and organizational support this event would not have been possible.
Thanks to all of you! Our combined efforts made this one of the best Sustainability Saturday yet! 
Thank you very much and I hope to see you next year! 
-- Sean  


Ailanthus before we started in 2012.  Lots of places for avian predators to perch.


The Ailanthus is gone and now we need to finish clearing the area so the rats have no place to hide.


Finishing up in 2014 -- only the beach pea and native sea grass remain.

Boston Skyline Panorama courtesy Nietnagel © 2010
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