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EMBAs Helping EMBAs: "Making Career Connections"
05/6/21, 7:00pm
The MIT Sloan community is hosting a virtual network experience.
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Women & Wine Wednesdays: "Reflections and Transitions"
05/5/21, 6:30pm
Let's regroup to share our reflections on the past months and events.
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MIT SBAA Startup Week
04/27/21, 4:00pm
Fundraising can be difficult and daunting. COVID-19, travel restrictions, and an uncertain economy have made this past year a time of unprecedented challenges… and opportunities.
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Women & Wine Wednesdays (Virtual Happy Hour)
04/7/21, 6:00pm
“Today’s Leaders Are Data-Driven”
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What do Job Search and Sales Have in Common? More Than You Think! (Career Series #89)
04/1/21, 6:30pm
Looking for a new job is very challenging and it can be an emotional roller coaster filled with ups and downs.
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Sloanies Helping Sloanies: Making Career Connections (Virtual Event)
03/24/21, 7:00pm
Come meet other MIT Sloan alumni in your industry, and find your future talent amongst current Sloanies!
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Cybersecurity Trends & Strategies in the Post-COVID World
03/18/21, 6:00pm
Hear from expert alumni leaders who will discuss the top trends in cybersecurity during this virtual panel discussion. Followed by a networking reception.
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Women & Wine Wednesdays (Virtual Happy Hour)
03/3/21, 6:00pm
"The Outsized Role of Leadership in Building Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Workplaces, Part 2"
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Trivia Night (Jeopardy Style)
03/2/21, 6:00pm
Please join us for an exciting night of Trivia with Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern Law, and MIT Sloan Boston Alumni Association.
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Women & Wine Wednesdays Virtual Happy Hour
02/3/21, 6:00pm
Resolutions? Not This Year! Turn 2021 into the year when you get more of what you really want in life, work, finances, and adventures by SETTING INENTIONS instead of making resolutions.
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