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GeniusMesh - An Alumni Venture

Our ultimate goal is to create a fast, intimate, trusted hiring environment by making it easier for any MIT-affiliated graduate to connect with the right companies, and alums to find top talent faster.

A trusted student-alumni platform to help recent international graduates find jobs through alums

Over 3800 international students graduate from MIT every year and due to visa limitations, most of them face the challenge of finding the right roles in the right companies. International students on an average spend 6-9 months searching for companies who may be willing to sponsor them a work visa. These students can now take advantage of GeniusMesh, a closed platform for connecting directly with MIT alums or companies started by the alums for short or long-term contracts, contract-to-hire, full-time and even global roles. Companies started by alums generate close to 2 trillion dollars, which means there are boundless opportunities available within our own ecosystem. We at GeniusMesh believe that visa limitations shouldn’t restrict student’s career potential and thus we are helping connect some of the missing dots in this process.

Some benefits of the platform for students and alums:

·       Connect with top talent for contract, contract-to-hire, full-time and global roles without endless hours of networking.

·       Companies can fulfill their temporary workforce needs by hiring top talent on OPT

·       While on OPT, dive into the rising temporary workforce, and gain US experience while keep looking for visa sponsors on the side

·       Hire perfect candidates from within a trusted ecosystem, train them while they are on OPT for global roles and fill temporary top talent and STEM talent needs

Overall, this platform could be used by all the MIT-affiliated individuals (students, both domestic and international, alums, fresh graduates, etc.) to fulfill their top talent requirement needs.

We are inviting companies in Boston to participate in the zero cost pilot program.

To join, visit our platform here:

Neerja Bharti's (MBA '15) Background

“For the last two years, I have been trying to help a few international graduates to find roles in the consulting industry. Initially, I didn’t realize that finding a right employer was such a big challenge for them. I also noticed that most of these graduates were spending their time and energy in looking for full-time job opportunities only, and many decided to go back because the cost of living is so high here in the US. With over 15 years of experience in the consulting industry, I could see how companies could utilize top talent for short or long-term contracts. With the temporary job market on the rise, these students could easily serve multiple organizations and gain US experience. In fact, most of the employers prefer contract-to-hire approach as it gives them enough time to explore a candidate's potential and see if they could be a good fit for their organization in the long run. On the other hand, alums prefer to find top talent from their school because there is some degree of trust and familiarity with the talent pool, candidate's skillset, etc. As a job seeker too, we prefer to find out if an alum works for a company we are interested in working with so that we could gain some insight on the available roles at the company, and it's work culture."


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