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Passion at Work: Maximizing Employee Engagement (Career Series #10)

Former turn-around and rapid growth specialist Lawler Kang makes the novel case why you should bring your passions to work.

The need for employee engagement has never been more pronounced.  How do you increase your employees' productivity, and profitability, without over-taxing your most critical assets—your talent?    

The key to unlocking the sustainable engagement needed to build great companies is by identifying an individual's engagement drivers—e.g., missions, passions, values, talents, dreams, and priorities—creating an awareness of them with managers and peers, and then aligning them with those of the leader, and the organization.  

Former turn-around and rapid growth specialist, Lawler Kang will start by making a novel case why you should bring your passions to work, and then interactively walk participants through two tools taken from his best-seller Passion at Work. 

The first, The Passion Pyramid, facilitates the realization of your personal purpose/mission and supporting passions, a critical driver of personal and organizational productivity. 

The second, The Personal Balance Sheet has immense value in the process of understanding yourself, strengthening teams, and establishing the requisite cultural backdrop that attracts and retains talent, boosts productivity, and fosters friendship.  

Time:  Tuesday, April 27, 6:30 - 7:00 PM networking & heavy hors d'oeuvres, 7 - 8:30 PM program 

Place: E51 - 145

Price: Free for SACB Alumni Members
         $20 for Alumni Non-Members
         $40 General Registration

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