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MIT Sloan 2011 Holiday Party
Celebrate the season with Boston area alum and Dean David Schmittlein. Meet and greet old friends and new at the Liberty Hotel located at the foot of Beacon Hill. Dinner and drinks included.


The MIT Sloan Alumni Club of Boston

cordially invites you to the

2011 Holiday Party

David Schmittlein
John C Head III Dean
MIT Sloan School of Management

Thursday, December 1

6:30 PM

The Liberty Hotel
Boston, Massachusetts

 Tickets: $25 SACB members; $75 Sloan Alum non-members
$125 MIT Alum non-members & MIT COB members
$200 General admission

NOTE: All registrants may bring one guest at the applicable price.
Enter quantity [2] when purchasing ticket.


Event Information
Thursday, Dec 1 2011 at 6:30pm [ iCal ]
The Liberty Hotel
215 Charles Street
Boston, MA 02114

Look Who's Coming:
Guest of Andrew Fox
Guest of Banu Atkinson
Guest of Brian Singer
Guest of William Carson
Betsy Adams
Lindsey Anderson
Justin Ashton
Banu Atkinson
Gopi Bala
Gopi Bala LLC
Sara Berkowitz
Wayside Youth & Family
Anand Bhadouria
Cloud Guru Inc.
Ishan Bhaumik
Visible Measures
Vipul Bhushan
Gaye Bok
Kerry Brown
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Sean Brown
Joanna Brownstein
Michelle Cardin
Boston Courant
William Carson
Rachel Carter
Rimi Chakraborty
Leland Cheung
Cambridge CIty Council
Clara Chow
Jill Christians
Store-A-Tooth (Provia Labs)
Anthony Cirurgiao
Alan Cooke
Amit Danenberg
Audrey Daum
Rob Davison
John Duffy
Rachel Eisenberg
Bob Eldridge
Joanna Eldridge
Ken Estridge
Ken Estridge & Assoc.
Lee Estridge
Lee Estridge & Assoc.
Helen Evans
John Evans
Joshua Feast
Frank Feist
Sara Fjeseth
Andrew Fox
Sarah Gates
Eileen Glovsky
Atul Gupta
Jerry Gupta
David Harelick
Dr. Natalie Harelick
Benjamin Harper
Naeem Hashmi
Rob Higby
Discovery 101
stephen holmberg
Sung-Dae Hong
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Mike Hubbell
Patricia Hubbell
Opening Doors Consulting
Spencer Irvine
Kerry James
Robeco Investment Management
Vincent James
Lemma Jarudi
Christopher Jenkins
Hirefamily, LLC
Beth Joyce
David Kahn
D. Lawton Associates
Fred Kam
UBS Financial
Rob Ketterson
Volition Capital
Zoya Kinstler
Jack Langworthy
Mike Lerer
Irja Luoma
Dave Magnoni
Dee Magnoni
Paul Maloney
Katie Manty
Jennifer Mapes
Linda Marks
Avrum Mayman
Holli McCaffery
Lime Design Inc
Tim McCaffery
Lime Design Inc
Glenn Migliozzi
Russell Miller
stewart monderer
Amey Moot
Kristen Morse
BMO Capital Markets
Poonam Narula
Jen Novak
Marilyn Oglo
Mike Oglo
Dawna Paton
Ravi Prasad
David Provost
Pei Qi
Kali Ramachandran
State Street Global Advisors
Michael Regan
Matthew Richards
CA Technologies
Graham Rong
Craig Rottenberg
Andy Rubinson
Jeremy Seidman
David Seitz
Hadar Sharfi
Koch Institute
Itay Sharfi
Elizabeth Sikorovsky
Brian Singer
Brook Spaulding
SM '91
Rinaldo Spinella
Justin Steinman
Tammy Steinman
Patricia Sulick
Vanessa Tebesceff
John C Thompson Jr
Jeffrey Uller
Tal Unrad
Burns & Levinson
Jenna Ventorino
Posternak Blankstein & Lund LLP
Mike Volpe
Elizabeth Wagner
Bei Wang
Melissa Webster
Charles Weintraub
Dr. Jordana Werba Harelick
Jeffrey Wickham
David Wine
Peter Wolfe
The Telecom Management Resource Group
Jay Wynn
Ioana Zamfir
Paulina Zgorzelska
... a total of 127 guests.
Boston Skyline Panorama courtesy Nietnagel © 2010
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