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Setting a Financial Foundation for Your Career Search (Career Event #27)

As the economy continues to pick up, many alum (and graduating students) are contemplating their next career moves. Learn the key steps to take in advance of executing a job transition.

Description:  As the economy continues to pick up, many alumni (and graduating students) are contemplating their next career moves. What are their financial risks when they decide to switch careers? At the same time, mortgage rates have reached historical lows, creating an opportunity for refinancing to improve household cash flow or to unlock value from their homes to help them launch a new venture.  However, without advance planning, many of them may find themselves denied for traditional mortgage financing.

You are invited to join alum Kevin Kuechler (MBA 94) and Spencer Betts, CFP® as they discuss key steps to take in advance of executing a job transition.  During this interactive session they will review a number of case examples illustrating these steps.  Kevin will provide an "insiders overview" of mortgage financing, sharing critical insights into managing the financing process and navigating the host of changes that have occurred in the market over the past several years.  These insights apply to anyone interested in refinancing to take advantage of historically low mortgage rates, and he will also highlight specific considerations for future job changers. 

His colleague, Spencer Betts, will help you think about such things as when/whether to move your 401k to a new employer, how to plan in advance of executing a search and whether/how to tap into retirement assets to start a business. He will also review how to best keep you and your family protected during an extended transition, including how to best maintain life insurance and health care coverage.  Spencer will also give insights on key budgeting and cash flow analyses to make prior to executing/at the beginning of a job transition.   

  Kevin Kuechler is a Sloan alum and Vice President with Guaranteed Rate and has been in the mortgage business since 2003, when he managed his own career transition.  He specializes in helping clients solve complex mortgage questions.
Spencer Betts is a Certified Financial Planner TM with Bickling Financial Services, a family business committed to supporting, educating, and guiding their clients.  Spencer has been helping clients improve their financial situation - and attain their long term goal of financial independence - for over 12 years. 


Date: Wednesday, May 16

Time:  6:30 - 7:00 PM networking & heavy hors d'oeuvres, 7 - 8:30 PM program 

Place: MIT Sloan School, E62-250

Price: Free for SACB Alumni Members
         $20 for Alumni Non-Members
         $40 General Registration
         $10 Students/Sloan Fellows

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