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Eliminate the 9 Silent Killers of Business and Career Success (CS #60)

You have a business education from a prestigious school. But, do you feel something is missing or holding you back from greater success in your career or business?

The ‘experts’ giving advice and the business people receiving advice are the smartest ever but 7 out of 10 businesses fail.  If the people are smart, it has to be targets of their advice, their advice or the execution of the advice.  Or, could it be something else?

Get practical insights from Ram Iyer, SM 1996, who has started 4 companies, worked at Boeing and Lucent, been a VC in Silicon Valley, traveled to 35 countries and interviewed billionaires, millionaires and CEOs across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia (including many MIT and Sloan alums).  From Ram's personal successes and failures, he has identified the five pillars for business success (some not addressed with a business school education). He has validated his insights by surveying 300 business people including 70 millionaires and others not-as-successful.  He started the Business Thinking Institute ( in Princeton to share his insights with individuals to succeed in business, whether as owners or as employees. He blogs regularly and frequently appears on podcasts and radio shows across the US and Australia.  He is the host of the Business Thinking Radio podcast and the Business Wisdom Radio podcast.

Ram was in the Sloan brochure as an accomplished alumnus a few years ago, ran one company that serviced client locations in 16 countries and lost over a million dollars of personal money on a ‘guaranteed to succeed’ startup.  He is the former president of the MIT Club of Princeton and the worldwide MIT South Asian Alumni Association.  He lived in Eastgate while attending Sloan during the second snowiest winter in Boston.

Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Time: 6:30-8:00pm (6:30-7:00pm-light supper & networking)

Venue: MIT Sloan, Building E62, Room 262

Parking: The closest parking lot is the Hermann Garage. When you turn into the E62 parking lot from Wadsworth Street, the garage is the very first right. It is a small garage without a gate. It is directly under the library. Another option is the Amherst Street/E51 lot. For more information, click here.


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