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Alumni Career Development Series

63 events held to date, attended by over 1,000 alumni

The MIT Sloan Boston Alumni Association launched our Career Series in 2009 to directly support the career advancement of Boston-area MIT Sloan alumni, and we have convened a wide range of experts across 50 special events - including MIT Sloan Faculty, career transition and executive coaches, and other authors and experts - to share timely and relevant career advancement content with our Boston community. 

We have had the pleasure of working with Keystone Partners as our career series knowledge partner since we launched the program.  Keystone’s three divisions - Keystone, Essex, and Camden - have offered a range of career coaching and executive outplacement and transition services for over 25 years. We greatly appreciate the insights and knowledge their expert career transition and executive coaches have shared with our alumni during this longstanding partnership. We have also partnered with other organizations looking to serve and connect with the MIT Sloan alumni talent community, and include those announcements below, along with links to our past events. 

If you have questions or feedback regarding the career series, or would like to make a suggestion for a new topic, please contact us at


Negotiations: Principles, Techniques, and Results (Career Series #63)

Learn how to determine your market value; develop language and confidence around negotiation techniques, review and discuss the stages of the negotiation process..

Personal Branding with Brett McCarty (Career Series #62)

Branding isn’t only about a job search; it’s about you at work. What are you known for? How do people describe you when you’re not there? When do your colleagues come looking specifically for your help? These are the things that inform and compose your brand.

Volunteer Consulting Opportunities Information Session (Career Series #61)

Are you thinking about transitioning to a role in the non-profit space, or making an impact on a Boston-area non-profit?

Eliminate the 9 Silent Killers of Business and Career Success (Career Series #60)

You have a business education from a prestigious school. But, do you feel something is missing or holding you back from greater success in your career or business? 

Adapting to the New World of Work By Taking Charge of your Career (Career Series #59)

The world of work has changed where career professionals will change jobs more frequently either by their own decision or the company's. In either situation, you need to be prepared on how you will approach your next career move.

Becoming a Better Leader in the Workplace: Lessons from the Front Lines of Development (Career Series #58)

Being an effective leader is not easy and takes effort – more effort than most of us think it does! Often times leaders and managers are tossed into situations with no roadmap.

"Do you need a Career Coach?" with David Brendel (CS #57)

This session will explore a neglected aspect of career coaching: the developmental of a personal philosophy of the good life.

The Mosaic Principle: The Six Dimensions of a Remarkable Life and Career (Career Series #56)

The world is an increasingly complex, interconnected place; in work as in life, we need a broad range of experiences to widen our knowledge, perform to our best and feel most fulfilled.

Permission to Dream: An Exercise in Setting Non-linear Career Objectives (Carrer Series #55)

The reality is our social world and career development is not only linear, but non-linear and random. And the non-linear dimension may be the most improtant dimension for success.  

Bridging the Communication Gap: Communicating With Others Who Don't Communicate Like You (Career Series #54)

Since communication styles affect all aspects of human interaction and organizational performance, knowledge of their characteristics and impact is key to productive relationships inside and outside the workplace. 

Volunteer Consulting With Non-Profits Information Session (Career Series #53)

One way to gain experience and build up your resume in the social sector is by joining a Community Consulting Team (CCT), where you will also have the opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact on a local non-profit organization. 

Balancing Career and Family Panel (Career Series #52)

Parenting on its own has its challenges, add careers and it can sometimes feel like a Hot Mess. Embrace the imperfections and hear war stories and moments of triumph from a diverse group of parents and experts in the field of work-life balance.

Path To the Boardroom (Career Series #51)

Because Board membership can come with attractive compensation and other perks, many people entertain the ambition to become a member of a Board. 

How to Navigate a Room (Career Series #50

Developing a solid network is a skill that is critical to career success whether you are happily employed, exploring your next opportunity, trying to stay current in your field or just looking to build your business. 

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Getting Noticed? (Career Series #49) 

Recruiters and companies are increasingly turning to LinkedIn to post jobs and search for talent. Join us for this interactive workshop to learn little known tips and best practices.

"How to Have a Good Day" with author Caroline Webb (Career Series #48)

Can behavioral science research be used to improve the quality of our everyday working lives? Absolutely, says Caroline Webb. Caroline will show readers exactly how to apply scientific insights to the way they approach everyday life, to boost their workplace wellbeing and productivit.

Making the shift - for oneself and supporting others in moving - from Technical Expert to Organizational Leader (Career Series #47)

During this session Bob Hewes of Camden Consulting will review what Making the Shift means and discuss a raodmap for making it.  This event will be relevant for both individuals in career transitions to leadership roles, as well as managers supporting their team's talent growth.

Exploring Self Employment (Career Series #46)

Excited by the idea of being their own boss, more and more senior professionals are entertaining the possibility of “going out on their own.” Nonetheless, first time exploration of entrepreneurial opportunities can raise difficult questions.

Volunteer Consulting Opportunities with Boston area Non-profits (Career Series #45)

MITSBAA is once again working with Community Consulting Teams (CCT) to support the success of local non-profits and provide MIT Sloan alumni with consulting experiences and impact.

Career Planning Best Practices (Career Series #44)

Regular career planning allows the most successful people to recognize and capitalize on opportunity and to fight the organizational forces that encourage career stagnation.

Resilience After a Job Loss (Career Series #43)

While a job loss can be challenging, it can also be an opportunity to reset and renew.

Mastering the Art of Working with Recruiters (Career Series #42)

Optimize the relationship between a job candidate and an executive recruiter.

Effective Negotiating (Career Series #41)

Learn how to conduct real-world negotiations for job offers, bonuses, benefits and more in multifple work environments.

Cross-Generational Technology Leaders - Shaping the Present and Redefining the Future (Career Series #40)

What can each generation learn from the others about Leadership?

Volunteer Consulting Opportunities with Boston-area Non-profits (Career Series #39)

The MIT Sloan Boston Alumni Association is once again working with Community Consulting Teams (CCT) to support the success of local non-profits and provide alumni with consulting experience and impact.

Board Prospects and Possibilities (Career Series #38)

Corporate boards need you - are you ready? As board recruitment moves from career directors to industry-specific expertise, learn how to best position yourself for board recruitment opportunities.

Staying Resilient During Times of Transition (Career Series #37)

Top 10 resiliency boosters to manage stress and give yourself a boost.

Volunteer Consulting Opportunities with Boston-Area Non-profits (Career Series #36)

The MIT Sloan Boston Alumni Association is working with Community Consulting Teams (CCT) to support the success of local non-profits.

Careers in the Social/Non-profit Sector (Career Series #35)

Join our panel of Sloan Alumni now working in the non-profit sector including government, religious and healthcare organizations. We will explore the challenges and rewards, as well as the differnet paths taken to arrive at their different roles.

New Horizons...A View of Retirement...Next Steps (Career Series #34)

We'll explore the many factors that shape what your retirement could look like and what action steps you can take now to assure a smooth transition when you decide it is time.

Personality Style and Your Career: Using Assissments for Professional Advantage (Career Series #33)

Recognize how your personality preferences inform and affect your career choice satisfaction and success.  Learn how personality assessments can help you target the right role in the right organziation. Understand how employees use assessment instruments

Entrepreneurship: Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck (Career Series #32)

Gain essential entrepreneurial advice in this discussion with Tony Tjan, lead author of NY Times best-seller, "Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck."

Navigating a Room - Holiday Parties and Beyond (Career Series #31)

Are you comfortable walking into a room full of strangers, whether it's a business event or social gathering? You are not alone! Learn how to mingle, meet and make new contacts - more important than ever in today's high tech social networking world.

Learn More About Volunteer Consulting Opportunities with Boston-are Non-Profits (Career Series #30)

The MIT Sloan Alumni Club of Boston is working with Community Consulting Teams (CCT) to support the success of local non-profits. 

Build a High Value Network Within Your Company (Career Series #29)

Although cultivating the right kinds of relationships and truly mastering the art of networking with our work colleagues is essential, it still remains elusive. Learn how to leverage your internal network to succed at work. 

Alumni Forum Workshop: The Secret Advantage of Successful Leaders (Career Series #28)

The workship will introduce the Club's new Alumni Forum program, based on a proven peer-group model for enriching the work, family and personal lives of its participants. 

Setting a Financial Foundation for Your Career Search (Career Series #27)

As the economy continutes to pick up, many alumni (and graduating students) are contemplating their next career moves. Learn the key steps to take in advance of executing a job transition.  

MIssion Driven Job Search (Career Series #26)

A mission driven job search is the process of defining one's place in the world, choosing a direction, and packaging your experiences and personal brand into a product.   

Alumni Forym Workshop: The Secret Advantage of Successful Leaders (Career Series #25)

This workshop will introduce the Club's new Alumni Forum program, based on a proven peer-group model for enriching the work, family and personal lives of its participants.

Essential Employment Law for Managers (Career Series #24)

This workshop will consider employment from the manager's perspective. For example, balancing a company's right to confidential information with an employee's right to change jobs; non-competition agreements; and common llegal pitfalls for managers. 

Networking for Introverts: Why Does It Have To Be So Hard? (Career Series #23)

Career experts advise that 70-80% of all jobs are found through networking. For those of us who are introverts this can be a challenge. Learn how to demonstrate energy and enthusiasm authentically.

Negotiations (Career Series #22)

Negotiation is a bargaining process between individuals with their own aims, needs and viewpoints seeking to discover common ground and reach an agreement to settle a matter of mutual concern.

Smart Questions: Make You and Your Organization Smarter (Career Series #21)

Socrates was the wisest person in Greece He claimed to know nothing. But he knew the power of questions.

A Different Kind of Smart: Applying Emotional Intelligence at Work (Career Series #20)

Emotional Intelligence is the essential building block in a leader's ability to establish the right climate for business to succeed. 

Individual Contributor to Organizational Leader-Making a Successful Transition  (Career Series #19)

Making the shift from technical expert to a broader organizational leader is often not easy. Yet in today's business environment, making this shift is ever more critical. 

Managing Up: Back To The Classroom With Jonathan Lehrich  (Career Series #18)

Time and again, talented employees crash and burn because they don't work effectively with their managers. Even those who accept the need to manage their boss are stymied by mismatched styles, misperceived needs and misconstrued relationships.

Returning to Work After a Career Break: Real Stories of Sloan Alums  (Career Series #17)

"Back on the Career Track" co-author and iRelaunch co-founder Carol Fishman Cohen will present return to work strategies, and moderate a discussion with Sloan graduates who returned to work in different fields ater taking multi-year career breaks.

What's Your Story? (Career Series #16)

Career success depends on the ability to identify, own and communicate your achievements. How? By moving beyond bullet points on a proposal, presentation or resume, to craft concise, memorable "stories" that differentiate you from the competition.

GPS Your Career: Navigate Your Way to Career Success (Career Series #15)

Is your talent and hard work getting you what you want? Do you think strategically about WHAT you need to reach your career goals? If you answered "no", then it's time to take control of your career. It's time to be intentional, proactive and strategic.

Networking In a Group: How to Connect (Career Series #14)

Discover ways to prepare for networking events, practice techniques to strike up conversations and discover how to remember names.

The View From the Top: Strategic HR (Career Series #13)

HR executives from Genzyme, Staples and IBM review talent acquisition and talent management strategies. For HR professionals, learn how to identify high-potential staff. For employees or job seekers, learn HR strategies to advance your career.

Social Media: Promote Your Career, Protect Your Brand (Career Series #12)

With all the hype about social media and web 2.0, many people are wondering how these tools can be of value, both professionally, to help them do their jobs more effectively, as well as personally, to protect and promote their online brand. 

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